Tier et Tout Roulette System

The Tier et Tout Roulette system is not as well-known as some of the others mentioned on this site, but it can be very effective and has certainly become a popular strategy for those that have used it. This positive progression system means that you only increase your bets on the casino’s money, so you can avoid any large single losses, which is always a good thing.

The way the Tier et Tout Roulette system works, you can quickly see your bank roll grow if you hit a winning run of numbers. You can also manage your bank roll effectively, so once you get to a certain stage in the system you put your original bet to one side and just continue playing on the casino’s money. One of the best Roulette tips you can have is to test a strategy out a few times and see the times when a particular strategy woks, and when it doesn’t

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How the Tier et Tout Roulette system works

The first thing you need to do is start off with a bank roll that can be divided into thirds. So for this example we will start with 9 units (chips). You need to play the even money bets on the Roulette table (Red/Black, High/Low numbers, Odd/Even numbers).

So you break your initial bet down into 1 third (3 chips) and then you have the remaining 2 thirds (6 chips). On the first spin, you bet the 1st third (3 chips). If this loses you then bet the remaining 6 chips. If you hit a winner on either of these bets you will now have a total bank roll of 12 chips.

Now, when you break down your total chip count into thirds, you now have 4 chips for 1 third, and 8 chips for the 2 thirds. So you bet the 4 chips initially, and if this loses, bet the 8 chips. If either of these bets win, you will now have a total of 16 chips.

As 16 is not divisible by three, you just take one chip from the total and put that chip back into your bank and break the remaining 15 chips up into 5 chips and 10 chips. Bet the 5 chips first, and if that loses bet the 10. If either bet wins you will now have a total of 20 + 1 chips.

As 21 is divisible by three, you can break the chips down into 7 and 14. Bet the 7 chips first, and if this loses bet the 14 on the next spin. If you get a winner out of either of these two spins you will now have 28 chips.

Now use 9 + 18 (which will leave you with one chip over, so just put this aside for now). Bet the 9 chips, and then the 18 of the 9 chip spin loses. A winner from either of these two will give you 36 + 1.

Next use 12 + 24, betting the 12 chips first and then the 24 if the 12-chip spin loses. A winning bet from either of these two will give you 48 + 1.

Next we would use 15 + 30 chips, leaving us 4 chips over. Bet the 15 chips first, and then the 30 chips if the 15-chip spin loses. A winning spin will now leave you with 60 + 4.

Next up is 20 + 40, again leaving you with an additional 1 chip. Bet the 20, and if this loses bet the 40. A winning bet from either of the two will give you 80 + 4 chips total.

The next stage is to use 25 + 50 (now you should have a total of 9 chips left over). Bet the 25 chips first, and if this loses bet the 50 chips. A winner from either of these two will now give you 100 + 9 chips.

So over this sequence you started with 9 chips, and finished with 109.

Here is an overview of this sequence so you can visualize it better.

So as you can see, you can pick up chips fairly quickly when using the Tier et Tout Roulette system, and quickly get yourself into a situation where you are betting on the casino’s money. Obviously, this system works best when you avoid two losing spins in a row.

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