Time Of Your Life with Casino Rewards!


Casino Rewards has announced an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime reward program for its loyal members exclusively, called the Time of Your Life Sweepstakes (TOYL). What’s so special about it? Why Well, the prizes that are nothing short of extraordinary and life-changing in themselves, of course!

Sample this:

– a dreamy 7 night stay at the Galapagos Islands for two
– a racy drive across the scenic Alps in a Ferrari California or a Lamborghini LP560-4
– a chartered excursion on the sea in a 100-ft super maxi yacht for up to 20 people
– an all private Michelin Star dining experience served right at your home for up to 10 people
– own the imperious Harley Davidson Road King Classic
– a VIP category sports ticket package

Each one of these prizes is as incredibly unique as it is tempting, and this is not even the complete list! Missing from it are – a Rolex package, a Milan Fashion escape tour, a trip to Paris for two, a six night getaway in Bora Bora and much, much more. Whew!


Now, what if you found out that all these mind boggling and fantastic prizes were actually quite easily won? No, seriously! Here is how you can win at the famously lucrative Time of Your Life sweepstakes.

Winning the Time of Your Life (TOYL) Sweepstakes:

1) Eligibility – All gamers who are registered with a Casino Rewards member casino (such as Zodiac Casino, Captain Cooks Casino), are automatically eligible to participate in the Time of Your Life sweepstakes program.

2) How Does it Work – Every week you earn a ticket for your current status level, plus an extra ticket for every level below. e.g. If you are a Gold status player, you get to earn 3 tickets per week (1 each for Gold, Silver and Bronze status levels). The more tickets you earn per status level before 1st June, 2016, the higher will be your chances to feature among the winners!

3) What You Need to Do – Scroll through the prizes available for players across levels, and mark the ones that you would like for yourself for each level. Also, make sure that you log in regularly to your casino account, and maintain your status level with an invincible gameplay!

Now is the time. A perfect chance to have the time of your life. Become a part of the Casino Rewards loyalty program, if you are not already, and change your life with the exclusive Time of Your Life sweepstakes rewards.

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