Positional Roulette System by Jack Kennedy

In 1998, Jack Kennedy wrote a book called ‘Square Ro-let’ in this he devised a system that he called the Square Roulette System, aka ‘Positional Roulette’. This really caught the attention of Roulette players at it provided a completely new concept where Jack Kennedy presented the system on a square Roulette wheel.

The system is not the easiest to understand, and even Jack Kennedy himself said that “it is best learned in practice”. To understand the system better, you should utilize one of the square Roulette wheel designs that Jack Kennedy created. You can use either the American Roulette wheel layout (with the zero and double zero), or the European wheel layout with just the single zero for this system.


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How the Positional Roulette system works

You will need to reference the above images to understand this system better. Make sure you choose the correct image depending on which Roulette wheel you will be playing on (European wheel has a single zero, and the American wheel has two zeros, a single and a double zero).

You will also notice in these images that the zeros are colored either red or black, whereas on a regular wheel they are colored green. There is a reason for this which will be better explained once we get into the system more.

The concept of this game is to bet on one or two sets of four numbers (you can decide whether you want to bet on one set of four numbers, or two). Each set of four numbers must all be the same color, and run consecutively according to the square Roulette images Jack Kennedy created. You can either bet in a clockwise rotation, and an anticlockwise direction.

So for example, if you were playing on the European wheel an example of an anticlockwise set of four numbers would be: 10-8-11-13 (all numbers are black, and run sequentially in an anticlockwise direction).

Some tips to follow:

Here are some effective tips to follow when using this system

The colour that you bet on is determined by the winning number on the previous spin. So if the last number spun was a red number, you would then bet on red numbers.

Avoid playing the last number spun, unless it was one of your winning bets from that spin.

If you want to bet on zero, make sure that it is on either end of your bet, and not in the middle.

You can determine whether you want to bet in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Play one unit (chip) on each number (of course, if you feel like increasing this you can, but to learn the system it’s best to start at one unit per number).

The only real rule of the Positional Roulette system is that you do not bet on the last number spun (unless it was a winning number and you wanted to leave the chip there).

The author prefers to play the four numbers next to the last spun number.

That is it! The Positional Roulette system sounds complicated, but once you have tried it for a few spins you will quickly get the hang of it.

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