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You will find Roulette tables in most casinos around the world, and the popularity of the game continues to grow. With the emergence of online gaming over the last decade or so, it is now possible to play Roulette online in many of the online casinos. This is a very convenient way for anyone to play this game from the comfort of their own home, and also try some of the different variations the game has.

In this article we are going to show you where to play Roulette online and also go over the advantages you have from playing online Roulette versus playing in your regular casino. Whether you are completely new to the game and just want to learn the different bets it offers, or you are an accomplished player with a lot of experience, you can experience all the fun and excitement that Roulette has to offer.

Where to play Roulette online

As it is such a popular game, you will be able to find Roulette in most of the online casinos available. But you need to look at the quality of the casino before you sign up to any, as you want to feel assured that you are getting the best possible service. Fortunately for the consumer, the online gaming market has become very competitive over the last few years, which has meant that the casinos have really had to push themselves hard to provide the best service possible, and beat their competitors.

Here are some of the best online casinos where you can play Roulette. Most of these casinos have several different types of Roulette too, so you can decide which version you prefer.

Casino Action:

Casino Action is one of the popular online casinos available at the moment, and this is not just because of the massive game selection they have on offer. They have excellent customer support (24/7) and their support is available in many different languages, as they cater to players from all over the world. They also offer a very secure gaming platform, so you can feel safe when performing any online financial transactions.

At Casino Action you have several different types of online Roulette that you can play. If you fancy a bit of the traditional French Roulette, then you can enjoy that here. If you prefer the European Roulette game that offers the various “call bets” or “neighbor bets”, then you also have this option too. Then, of you like the American Roulette version, which has a zero and double zero included on the wheel, then you can play this also.

Blackjack Ballroom:

This casino may sound like it’s all about the Blackjack, but it actually has hundreds of different games, including many of the latest slot and table games. You can play Roulette online here in several different forms, and just like Casino Action, you have the options of playing French, European and American Roulette. The casino itself is very safe and secure to play at, and they also offer 24/7 customer service in several different languages.

Blackjack Ballroom also have a multiplayer game of Roulette. So if you want that feeling of playing at a busy table with real players, then this is the game for you. Just as in a real life game, you can see where the other players place their bets and get that excitement and anticipation that builds when you are playing at a full Roulette table.

UK Casino Club:

Casino Club. This classy casino offers a massive range of games, both American and European style. The casino has a very solid reputation and offers excellent 24/7 live customer support. The casino is built on a very secure platform so all of your financial transactions are encrypted and secure.

There are four different Roulette games available at the UK Casino Club. You have the main three of French, European and American Roulette, and then there is European Roulette Gold, which offers a slightly different version.

Best place to learn how to play Roulette

If you are new to playing Roulette then playing online is the best place to learn. You can take your time and learn the different bets without anyone putting you under pressure and rushing you through the game. This will enable you to quickly pick up the various bets that you can play on the Roulette table and get a better understanding of the odds of each bet.

If you are an accomplished player, then you can play Roulette online with the limits you want so you can give yourself the chance of winning big. The online casinos mentioned above all have the facility to offer you higher limits if they see that you are a serious player, so you can get yourself higher betting limits if this is your desire.

Play Roulette online now at any of these top online casinos. Collect your sign-up bonus as soon as you create your free account, and play Roulette with your bonus money if you like to get the hang of the game.

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