Paroli Roulette System

The Paroli or ‘Parlay’ system is one of the easiest systems to use on a Roulette table. It is played on the even money bets (Red or Black, High or Low numbers and Odd or Even numbers). One of the best tips for Roulette when playing even money bets is to play on a European wheel, as this improves your odds. The Paroli is a progressive system that requires you increase your bet each time you win.

There are no technical aspects behind the Paroli Roulette system, it simply requires that you increase your bet after a win, and decrease it after a loss. As you reduce your bet down to the minimum after a losing bet, and long losing streaks should not be too painful, and when you get on a winning streak you will find you can pull in a lot of chips very quickly.

Any time you play a system that uses the even money bets, you should always play a European Roulette game such as European Roulette Gold Series. This is because there is only one zero, so less chance for you to lose

The details behind the Paroli Roulette system

So here we will go into exactly how the Paroli Roulette system works, so you can try this system out right away.

When you start playing the Paroli system on one of the even money bets on a Roulette table, you will start off with the minimum bet. We will talk in units (chips). So you would start off betting 1 unit on the first spin. If this loses, you bet the minimum 1 chip again the next spin. If you now win, you double the bet (simply put the winning chips on top of your original bet). If you win again the next spin, the same applies, you keep putting your winnings on top of the original bet; you just keep doubling up. Then when you lose, you move back down to the minimum bet (1 unit) and start over again.

The decision you have to make is when to stop betting. How many times do you dare to keep doubling your bet? At some stage, this will be governed by the table maximums, and you will not be able to bet over a certain amount. So the biggest decision you will need to pull back your winnings and start over from the beginning again.

Some people when playing the Paroli Roulette system like to have a set amount of winning spins before they pull their bets back and start again from the minimum. This could be three wins in a row, four, five…it all depends on the individual player. You may just want to keep it random, and go with your gut feeling each time. There is no hard and fast rule as to when you should stop doubling up your bet, this is entirely down to you.

Here is a diagram that shows you a sequence of spins, so you can get a look at how the Paroli Roulette system works.

As you can see from this sequence of 20 spins, which consisted of 10 wins and 10 losses, you can quickly increase your winnings. You do need to get a few spins in a row in order to do this, and of course making the right guess at when you should pull your bet back too. But when you get it right you will see some big wins, and when you go on a losing streak you will not be losing much when you are betting the minimum amount.

The time when you can get hurt when using the Paroli Roulette system is when you get the timing wrong as to when you should pull the bet back and start again from the minimum. But this system is always a popular one with Roulette players as it can yield some big wins in a short space of time, and it is also very exciting to play.

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