Oscar’s Grind Roulette System

The Oscar’s Grind roulette system (aka “Hoyle’s Press”, and in French and German “Pluscoup”) is aptly named, as it seems like it takes a fair grind to get yourself ahead. But with this system you can have fewer wins that losses in any one session, and still come out ahead.

Oscar’s Grind is a positive progression system, and was originally designed to be played on the outside chance even money bets. But there have been many adaptations of the system, and some players have used it on other bets on a Roulette table.

The system is designed to minimize your losses on the losing streaks, and maximize your profits on the winning streaks, which is always good when learning how to win at Roulette. The progression of the bets on a winning streak are kept under control too, as you increase one unit at a time, rather than pressing completely, so you don’t experience that rapid escalation of bets that you experience with some systems.

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How does the Oscar’s Grind roulette system work?

When using the Oscar’s grind system you work in sessions. You will start off the session betting the minimum amount (this of course can be adapted if you like, but for this example we will start out conservatively). Each session ends when you are 1 unit (chip) ahead of when you started.

So, for example of the first spin of the session you bet 1 chip and you win. Then that’s it, the session is over and you walk away a winner. But let’s say you lose on the first spin. The spin after the loss, you would bet the same amount. So even on longer losing streaks, you will not lose a great amount.

Let’s say you have had 3 losing spins, and then you hit a winner. Then on the next spin you bet one more unit than your previous bet. If you win again on the next spin you bet another unit. The only time you do not need to increase your bet is when you can reach a one unit advantage if you win. The idea is always to get yourself one unit ahead, and then finish the session.

Here is a diagram that shows you a sequence of spins so you can better visualize how the Oscar’s Grind roulette system works.

As you can see from the above sequence of 18 spins, there were 10 losing spins and 8 winning spins, and the session ended after the eighteenth spin when the player got themselves one chip ahead of when they started.

The Oscar’s Grind roulette system works best when there are long runs of winning numbers. When things alternate between winning and losing spins then you don’t get the chance to increase your bet, so it can be a very long and drawn out process trying to claw your way back into the green (hence the reason it was called ‘Grind’).

Here is a sequence of 18 spins that shows this:

So as you can see from the above sequence of 18 spins, there were 9 winning spins and 9 losing spins, but the player still ended up 6 chips down. When the run of play goes like this, then a system such as the Labouchere system would do better. But when you catch longer winning streaks then the Oscar’s Grind system is very solid and can get you ahead over a lot of sessions.

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